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Remove and Reinstall Your Solar Panels for Peak Roof Health

Solar panels are an all-around excellent option for powering your property. They’re eco-friendly, cost-effective, and can last for over 25 years. However, just because they have a long lifespan doesn’t mean they should be left forgotten for decades. As a homeowner, it’s essential to maintain your roof, and that could involve removing your solar panels.
Here at Cazeault Solar & Home, we offer state-of-the-art solar solutions, including solar panel removal and reinstallation, conducted by a team of experts for the North Shore, MA community. We’ll efficiently remove and reinstall your panels with care so you can look after your roof without worrying about damaging your panels.

When Is Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Necessary?

There are two key instances when removing and reinstalling your solar panels is necessary, and they include the following:

  • Fixing Your Roof. Even minor roof issues, such as metal roof repair, can require the complete removal of your panels. But while roofers are trained in addressing roof-related problems, they don’t always know how to handle solar panels correctly. This is where solar experts like us step in.
  • Fixing Your Solar Panel. While you can repair solar panels from the roof itself, it’s more efficient to remove them to thoroughly analyze the system. For certain issues, it’s necessary; for example, when reinstalling the mounts.

Is DIY Safe?

You might be tempted to handle your solar panel roof replacement yourself to save money, but think twice before you grab your ladder. Not only does the job require expensive equipment to perform correctly, but it can also void your warranty. Plus, a permit is needed, since the panels are connected to the wider grid. We suggest hiring a professional solar installer with the right training and experience to handle the intricate electrical system correctly.

Time and Cost to Remove a Solar Panel

Solar panel installation can be expensive, so once you purchase your panels, it’s only right that you invest the funds to properly maintain them so they can last for years to come. Hiring a skilled professional who’s able to quickly remove and reinstall your panels is well worth it because otherwise, you could end up paying for damages or extra time for manual labor on an amateur who can’t complete the job efficiently.

Reasons You Need to Repair Your Roofs and Solar Panels

Unsure if you need to give your roof or panels a health checkup? Consider the following situations, or give us a call to get an expert opinion.

  • Condition of the Roof. Whether your roof is damaged, you’re changing its design, or you’re maximizing its energy efficiency, it’s important to remove your panels first.
  • Condition of the Panels. Naturally, if your solar panels are damaged, they’ll need to be repaired. However, you should also routinely manage how they’re functioning, because, over time, the energy produced by solar panels can decline.

Why You Need Professional Help

Solar panel systems are complex, which is why it’s vital to hire an experienced professional who knows how to handle its intricacies with care. If you need to remove your solar panels to fix your roof, we suggest hiring both a roofer and solar expert, as the two require different training that doesn’t overlap. Solar panels ultimately save you money on energy bills, so investing in someone who can properly remove and reinstall them will be well worth it in the long run.

Contact Cazeault Solar & Home for Expert Resolution

Cazeault Solar & Home is North Shore’s choice for residential roofing and solar energy services. Our family-owned and operated business have been providing the community with quality roofing services for over 85 years, and we’re passionate about providing you with first-rate assistance utilizing cutting-edge industry technology. To learn more or to get a free quote, contact us today.

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