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Power Your Home With Clean Solar Energy

Leverage the power of clean, renewable energy. When you integrate a solar energy system into your home or business, you’ll gain the advantage of generating your own clean energy and enjoy substantial savings in the process. Cazeault Solar & Home is the highest-rated solar and roofing installation company in North Shore, MA, and the surrounding communities. As early pioneers in solar technology, we are dedicated to designing highly efficient, long-lasting solar energy systems. From design and installation to maintenance and repairs, Cazeault is your trusted source for comprehensive solar energy services. Learn more about our solar power products and services and contact us today.

Solar and wind power

Solar Panel Inspection and Repairs

Because solar panels are such an eco-friendly and financially beneficial investment, it’s important to ensure they perform at their best for many years to come. At Cazeault Solar & Home, we provide ongoing services, including routine solar inspections and precise solar panel repairs, to keep your solar energy system running like new. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and expertise you can trust to thoroughly inspect your solar equipment for inefficiencies and address developing issues early on. With our routine inspections and repair services, you’ll be able to avoid the potential for unexpected damages and costly replacements while reinforcing your solar panels’ long-term durability and protection from the harsh Massachusetts weather. Contact us today for your free solar assessment.

Solar panel installation

Solar Maintenance

You can always depend on the experts at Cazeault Solar & Home to keep your solar power system running at optimal levels. With our solar maintenance program, we’ll deliver ongoing protection to ensure you get the most value out of your solar equipment. When you invest in our maintenance program, we’ll provide you with daily performance monitoring of all components, annual on-site inspections, and a monthly production report Keep your solar power system in excellent condition while maximizing your savings. Get your free quote today.

Cazeault Solar & Home

Value Protection Plan

$19.95 Monthly Investment
  • Daily Proactive Monitoring by Cazeault Solar & Home
  • Cazeault Solar & Home will monitor all components to ensure peak performance as specified by manufacturers
  • Cazeault Solar & Home will take corrective action with homeowner
  • Cazeault Solar & Home will provide monthly production report to homeowner
  • Cazeault Solar & Home provides you with a 50% discount off intial service

Preferred Protection Plan

$32.95 Monthly Investment


  • Annual on-site inspection (protection from wildlife, loose components etc.)
  • 1 No cost service charge visit
  • 10% discount on all other products such as critter guards, solar battery systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and solar snow guards.

Who’s Monitoring Your Solar System?

Cazeault Solar & Home Monitoring & Protection Plan:

  • Are you sure your system is performing at optimal levels?
  • Are you sure all components are functional?
  • Are you losing out on Electrical Savings?
  • Are you missing out on SREC income?
  • Daily proactive monitoring
  • Annual on-site inspections
  • Discount on all qualifying services & products

Comprehensive Solar Energy Made Simple

For over 85 years, we have provided homeowners and commercial property managers with exceptional roofing solutions and offer only the finest solar services available in today’s market. When you’re looking for the ultimate solar energy solution for your property, team up with an award-winning company capable of delivering superior solar power products and services. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and speed of service to minimize your wait time. Contact us to get started today.

Contact the Solar Energy & Roofing Experts