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Electronic Vehicle Charging Solutions

Give your electric vehicle the powerful charging station it deserves. Cazeault Solar & Home is the leading provider of eco-friendly, energy-efficient EV chargers for electric vehicle owners in North Shore, MA. Our line of clean energy home products features the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, an electric vehicle charging station with substantial power in an incredibly compact, minimalist design. The Pulsar Plus is one of the industry’s most dynamic, innovative home charging stations, with the capability of delivering a powerful charge to any electric vehicle on today’s market. Learn more about the high-performance Wallbox Pulsar Plus and its full range of smart charging functions today.

Electric car plugged in outside house

Pulsar Plus – On the Cutting-Edge of Charging Technology

The Wallbox Pulsar plus is one of the smallest smart EV chargers in the industry, but don’t let its compact design fool you. Pulsar Plus may be smaller than a toaster and lighter than a laptop, but it packs a powerful punch, capable of quickly charging any electric car up to 22 kW. The Pulsar Plus can connect to any smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to easily control your charger from anywhere. With Pulsar Plus’s onboard intelligence and the proprietary myWallbox app, you’ll have the ability to monitor your charger’s status, schedule charging sessions, take advantage of off-peak energy rates, and much more. Since it is NEMA Type 4 rated for water and dust resistance, the Pulsar Plus charger is perfectly safe for use indoors and outdoors.

Luxury modern house and electric car

EV Charging Installation
and Repair

The Pulsar Plus is not only safe, convenient, and easy to use; it is also easy to install. When you partner with Cazeault Solar & Home for your EV charging station needs, we’ll provide you with a quick, efficient installation service to make home charging easier and more convenient than ever. Our certified technicians are professionally trained and will install your new EV charger correctly the first time. If you experience any issues with your charger, we offer responsive repair services to restore its integrity and peak performance so you always have a charging station you can rely on.

Your Trusted Source for Energy-Saving Home Solutions

Upgrade your home’s energy efficiency with the highest quality decarbonization, electrification, and energy efficiency (DE2) solutions from Cazeault Solar & Home. We have been an industry-leading provider of sustainable, eco-friendly products and services designed to maximize your energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint. For nearly a century, we have taken great pride in making sustainable energy solutions more accessible and affordable to homeowners in the North Shore, MA area. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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