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Join Our Team!

Since 1927, Cazeault Solar & Home has been an industry-leading roofing and solar service company in North Shore, MA. Our high-quality roofing work and keen customer service are unmatched. We work hard to give families optimal roofing jobs and sustainable solar energy solutions for their homes. With years of industry experience, we are an unparalleled company to work with.

Close up of help wanted sign during a job interview in the office with people in the background.

Cazeault Solar & Home Is Hiring

If you are ready for a career in a booming field filled with opportunities for advancement and the ability to make an impact in the lives of many, Cazeault Solar & Home is right for you. We are looking for hard-working individuals to join our team of roofing and solar solution experts in North Shore, MA.

Cazeault Solar & Home Has Partnered With Aurai Solutions

We’ve partnered with Aurai to enhance our capabilities and elevate the services provided to our customers. Aurai provides DE2 solutions (decarbonization, electrification, and energy efficiency) to boost the efficiency of HVAC technicians and enhance the heating and cooling quality of homes. We’re constantly innovating our capabilities and technology so our customers receive the latest and greatest in HVAC services.

Making a Difference in Our Community

At Cazeault Solar & Home, we are passionate about creating a cleaner, greener tomorrow. We work diligently to power homes with sustainable solar energy, ensuring our customers get the most energy and cost-efficient services and our environment is not being attacked by energy waste. Our knowledge of solar energy and our devotion to our customers set us apart from our competitors.

 Leading Solar Energy & Roofing in North Shore, MA

We are the highest-rated solar and roofing installation company in North Shore, MA, and surrounding areas. We are devoted to designing and installing efficient, long-lasting solar energy systems. Our team of experts knows every detail of sustainable energy and energy efficiency, and working with our team provides you with an opportunity to learn every piece of our craft.

Services Offered by Cazeault Solar & Home

Cazeault Solar & Home is a full-service roofing and solar company. Our home solutions include roofing, solar solutions, EV chargers, and battery storage. We offer our customers only the best, most reliable technology and solutions. We provide more than just installation; we also offer responsive repair and inspection services, as well as energy-efficient siding and window replacement to complement our expert sustainable roofing.

The Work Environment at Cazeault Solar & Home

Working with our award-winning roofing and solar company means working with the best in the business, allowing you to gain new skills and hone your current skills. Our welcoming and collaborative team will guide you through the ins and outs of working for a leading solar energy and roofing company. We provide you with the tools to master your craft.

The Benefits of Working for Cazeault Solar & Home

Cazeault Solar & Home is an exciting, challenging company to be a part of. We offer generous benefits to our team of hard-working experts, and our work culture helps you to grow and evolve professionally. We believe that if you grow, we grow.

Modern house with solar panels on the roof and electric vehicle

Cazeault Solar & Home’s Mission

Our mission is to provide North Shore, MA, with the highest quality, energy-efficient roofing and solar solutions. We are passionate about doing our part to clean up our planet and save our customers their hard-earned money by offering them clean energy solutions to optimize their lives. Our knowledge of solar energy and our dedication to our customers set us apart from our competitors.

Work With Cazeault Solar & Home

We take our position as the industry leaders of roofing and solar solutions in North Shore, MA, very seriously, and that’s why we want to expand our team and incorporate new talent into our expert team of technicians. If you are ready for a life-changing career change, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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