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Solar Panel Installation in North Shore, MA

Off the Grid Meaning in Massachusetts

This common misconception about solar is very understandable. The motivation behind installing a solar system is to produce your own energy, right? And part of the draw of producing your own energy is the perception of being less dependent on the ‘grid’. But what is the grid and how does it work with residential rooftop solar?

The ‘Grid’ refers to the network of electrical lines that deliver power from where it is produced to where it is consumed. Of course, there is much more to the process, but that is the condensed definition. So when someone refers to going ‘off the grid’ they mean they will not be dependent on the large power plants and on the large electric companies.

Cazeault Solar & Home Helps You Decode Solar Panel Power Supply

When we install a solar system at your residence it is ‘grid tied’. That means that you are producing electricity that your home consumes, but you are also sending any excess production into the grid. Being grid-tied also allows you to use electricity from the grid during times when your solar system does not produce enough energy to power your home. So how is this helping increase energy independence? Well, when we refer to helping increase energy independence, we aren’t referring to individual homes becoming independent from the grid. We are talking about homes with rooftop, grid-tied solar helping to put clean energy into the grid and reduce our collective, overall dependence on energy produced from large fossil fuel-burning facilities. That is a win for everyone! You save money, you reduce carbon emissions, and you help your community have access to clean energy too.

Contact Our Solar Experts to Install a Solar Panel

Even though you aren’t off-grid, you can greatly reduce your dependence on the grid with a residential solar system. It’s also important to note that going completely off the grid simply isn’t possible for most of us today. We are too reliant on electrical-consuming items for our everyday lives. But we don’t consider it a negative to still be connected to the grid. We are proud to be helping make our grid cleaner and stronger one rooftop system at a time.