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The Premier Roofing Contractor in Essex

The roof of your home or business is the biggest investment you have in your building. It provides one of the most valuable functions as it takes the brunt of all the elements it protects you from. With such an important aspect of your building, when you need a roof repair or installation, you need to call the roofing contractors in Essex you can trust. At Cazeault Solar & Home we have provided Essex residents with high-quality roofing services since 1929. We have built our reputation over the course of the years on strong roofing expertise and unparalleled customer service. Our skilled team of roofing technicians is knowledgeable and well trained and always extends courteous and prompt service. We keep a neat work area and always clean up after ourselves. When you deal with Cazeault Solar & Home you are dealing with a true professional, which is why we are the preferred choice for a roofing contractor in Essex.

At Cazeault Solar & Home we strive to offer the widest selection of roofing options available. We offer roofing repairs and replacements. We offer a number of roofing material options such as asphalt shingles, slate tile, metal roofing, and more. We also offer roofing inspections for pre and post-property sale or storm damage insurance claims. We are your one-stop-shop for all things roofing, so no matter what your roofing needs, we can accommodate.

Modern house with solar panels on the roof and electric vehicle

Roof Repairs for All of Essex

Over time, as your roof continuously gets beaten down by the sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, and other elements, it is inevitably going to suffer damage. Just because one part of your roof is in disrepair does not mean you need to replace it though. At Cazeault Solar & Home, our technicians are professionally trained by manufacturers to be able to service any roofing type you may have. Whether you are suffering a roof leak, blowoff, shrinkage, or any other issue, our roofers can get it back to working order. We aren’t interested in trying to talk you into a new roof for higher profits. We want to build a relationship with you because we are committed to serving Essex with integrity; just as we have for three generations so far. If your roof has serviceable years left in it, we’ll get the most out of it and help you protect your investment.

Essex’s Top Choice for Solar Panel Installations

Solar is a growing trend in Essex among homes and businesses that are concerned with rising energy costs. There is no more effective way than with solar panels to significantly decrease your energy expenditures. Solar panels allow your building to generate clean energy that you get credited for from the power company. The cost of solar panel installation is typically paid for in savings after around 5 years and they last on average 30 years or longer. That makes solar panels a wise decision for anyone in Essex. At Cazeault Solar & Home we are industry leaders in green, efficient building exterior upgrades. We utilize our expertise in roofing to provide efficient and effective solar panel installation that factors into the unique environment in Essex. Even though snow and hail storms, if you have your solar panels installed by Cazeault Solar & Home, they will remain secure and give you excellent service for decades to come.

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