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Burlington, MA Roofing Contractors & Solar Panel Installation & Repairs

Have you paid any attention to your Burlington, MA roof this year? It’s time to take a look around your property, whether they’re commercial or residential, and take a good look at the roof. How long has it been since you’ve checked it for damages or examined it for leaking or other issues?

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Burlington Roof Types

Your roof may be one of several types, but in general, it won’t be completely unique. Flat roofs, standard pitch, and high pitched roofs are generally the type of roofs you will own. Also knowing what type of shingles is currently on your roof is a good idea.

You’ll want to know what material they are made from, whether asphalt, tile, wood, or other. Today’s asphalt choices come in styles that mimic the look of other materials, so if you have a newer roof you’ll want to be sure your wood, tile, or clay roof really is made of those materials.

Roof Inspections in Burlington

Professional Burlington roof inspections are done regularly on roofs that need to be examined after storms or natural disasters. Rain, heavy winds, tornadoes, snow, ice, fire, and more can damage your roof.

Roof inspections are also very helpful for a once or twice a year examination to ensure the structure is sound and any hidden repairs or problems are discovered. Professional roofing contractors have all the tools and training needed to find hidden problems that you otherwise wouldn’t be aware of but really need to know and have repaired.

For instance, if a shingle exposes a nail hole, slow leaks can happen whenever it rains. And all that slow leaking adds up to quite a bit of water.

The areas exposed will be great places for mold and mildew to grow, plus the area will be soaked and the building materials destroyed. Until your ceiling or wall shows signs of a leak, the issue can go on and on, incubating all that mold in the meantime. Inspections uncover damages like this so you can get your roof repaired before worse things happen.

Roofing Repairs in Burlington

Burlington roofing repairs are our specialty here at Cazeault Solar & Home. Established in 2008, our company is the premier roofing repair, installation, inspection, and solar panel service for Burlington and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for a company that knows all about your roof and exactly what needs to be done to get it in great shape, you’ll want our expert Burlington roofing contractors. There’s no better way to control your energy resources than making sure your roof structure functions perfectly.

All areas under the roof need to be protected and insulated, and that’s what your roof should do. Get back in great shape, and you’ll save money on energy and you’ll ensure your roof is water-tight and protecting all your assets as it should.

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