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See What a Few of Our Customers Say:

See What a Few of Our Customers Say:

We hired Cazeault primarily for installation of a solar system, but that also entailed repairing a roof. They were responsive and attentive at every stage of the relationship -- from the estimate, the proposal and then the actual installation. They finished the job quickly and on time and assumed responsibility for just about every aspect of the job, which made the whole thing very easy for us, and they were always quick to respond to questions. I have heard many horror stories about other solar companies, and I can't imagine that any solar company exceeds the quality and responsiveness of Cazeault. I would hire them again in a minute.

Philip Sawyer

I could not be happier with the Solar team from Cazeault. From start to finish, everything was perfect, especially the installation by Matt and Dre. They were extremely professional and worked very hard on a day that was bitterly cold. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars but that is the maximum allowed. Many thanks!

Two Whitings

One of the best decisions I made concerning my home in 2018 was hiring Cazaeult Solar & Home to install solar panels on my roof. Every aspect of this decision was impressive from the first in home sales appointment I made, to the technical discussion once I committed to the installation, and the installation itself was incredible. The installation team were extremely professional, friendly, on time, courteous, answered any questions, and respectful of the property. The quality of the equipment is also impressive as there has been no issues, but I have no doubt, should there be any problems, my concerns would be handled swiftly and expertly. And as a final note you can’t beat the feeling you get when you electric bill comes each month saying you owe $0.00

Nina Story

I am an electrician and have installed a solar array on my previous home. When considering doing it myself on my new home, I decided that the roof angle was too steep for me. I called a friend that owns a large commercial solar company and he recommended Cazeault Solar for my project. He told me they do a great job. I was blown away on the professionalism of the entire crew. I am very fussy on how things are done on my own house, and Cazeault did a great job. The owner Tim was great to work with and was able to use the panels that I did a lot of research on. The crew that worked on the project were all electricians and being an electrician myself, I was very pleased on the work that was done. Matthew, Adrina, and Hector were polite, friendly, and very hard workers! Thank you Cazeault for a very professional job.

Bill Tomasetti

We had leaking gutters and some spillover during heavy rains. New gutters were recommended because of their age, and about half the fascia boards behind them were rotting, so we got 3 quotes. Tim from Cazeault carefully evaluated the house and recommended PVC to replace the rotting wood, 6 inch gutters where the water flow was greatest, and normal 5 inch gutters everywhere else. It took a little time for him to complete his quote, but the price was comparable to others, and the level of detail was much better. (Roofing and solar are their main lines of business, but they also handle gutters.)
The communication was excellent. The crew came when expected. The work was done carefully and completely, and during his follow-up walkthrough, Tim found a few things to be fixed up. Again, the attention to detail was excellent, with follow-up to make sure everything was done just right. The work was nor fast or inexpensive, but it was so carefully done that I would absolutely call Cazeault again for any gutter, roofing or solar issue.
Addendum: Unfortunately, a few days after posting this review, I discovered that in one place, water leaked between the gutter and the fascia board, which should never happen. I emailed Tim, who sent his foreman and crew back a few days later. They found that caulking had been left out on a 3 foot area of the gutter. They checked other parts of the gutter system. We are waiting for rain to see how everything is now. Although that should not have happened, their response was quick.

Gerald Gladstone

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tim and his team on the installation of our solar panels. They were very professional and they communicated each and every step of the process. Installing solar was the best investment that we ever made to our home.
This was our second time using Cazeault. We were so pleased with the service that we had Cazeault replace the roof over our garage. And once again, we were very pleased with the Cazeault team. We would highly recommend Cazeault...they are great to work with!
We used Cazeault again for the roof over our new addition. As always, Evan was great to work with and we couldn't be happier. Thanks to Tim, Evan and their team for great work done!!

Renee Libro

I have had the pleasurable experience of working with Cazeault on both my home and my office building. In both cases they replaced the roof and installed solar panels. All work was done professionally and in a timely fashion. But that is not the best part. The service we have received has been no less than extraordinary. I had a remote control airplane crash on my solar panels on the office building and the team was out right away to assess the problem. In a day all repairs were accomplished. They stand by their work and monitor the system routinely. On my house roof I had a squirrel infestation. Again, the team was on it and the minor repairs were made and the problem resolved in short order. For roofing, solar installation, solar repair and service, gutters, and attic venting I turn to Tim Sanborn and team at Cazeault Solar & Home LLC.

Peter Vadala

Three years ago, I needed to have my roof replaced. I had heard of Cazeault as they had installed solar panels on 3 houses in my neighborhood. After getting feedback I decided to not only have the roof replaced, but also get solar panels installed. From the time they removed the old shingles to the installation of the last panel, I was kept updated every step of they way. Cazeault was professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Having solar panels put on the house was the best, and easiest decision I've made and I'm so happy that Cazeault did the work.

Ed Caden

We're very happy Cazeault customers. Cazeault first replaced our roof and then installed a solar system. The roof looks great, as do the solar panels. Evan and Tim were a pleasure to work with. Communications were excellent throughout the project. Happy to support a great locally owned company.

Andre Kuehnemund

We are so pleased with Cazeault Solar and Home! They did a fantastic job on our solar! They explained everything in great detail and came through on all aspects of the installation. We are so happy that we don't have an electric bill and the extra income isn't bad either! Thanks Cazeault Solar and Home for your great service and professionalism. We would refer you to anyone who wants to save and/or eliminate their electric bill.

Chris Testaverde

Three months ago we had cazeault, install a new roof to the house and garage as well as solar panels on both, the work was done timely, and professionally, my solar panels were tuned on last month and received my first bill from National Grid and it was a fraction of what it normally is. Cazeault home and solar were recommended to me by a good friend and Im very glad he did. great work, great company to deal with, I would recommend them to anyone, anytime!!

Sal Dangelo

We needed to replace 10 windows on our ground floor. Cazeault came in with a great price and an excellent presentation. The installation and follow-up were even better. Their crew was excellent to work with and actually impressed me quite a bit by giving us extra attention to detail. It's great to be impressed by contractors that come into your house and actually exceed your expectations. We're so happy we went with Cazeault.

Paul Trefry

Cazeault Solar & Home installed our residential solar array 4 years ago. They were very professional, knowledgeable and was very attentive to our goals and expectations. From the design of our solar array to the positioning of the panels and electrical conduit they were very hands on and communicated with us on a regular basis during the entire installation. Also eliminating our electric bill (being the ultimate goal!) was a wonderful surprise! I would certainly refer Cazeault Solar & Home to anyone who is looking to reduce (if not eliminate) their electric bill as well a reduce their carbon footprint! "Cheers" to Cazeault Solar & Home!

The Fresh Lobster Company, LLC

I love Cazeault! After several years of hearing complaints from folks in my neighborhood about the various rooftop solar panel installation contactors they had used, I was naturally skeptical. However, I happened upon Cazeault via GoodMorningGloucester. With almost 100% strong endorsements from customers, I decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did. They were very professional, very customer focused, very honest in responding to all of my questions. Their installers were first rate. They delivered on every commitment including schedule and budget. My new system already is producing more power than I am using and my latest bill from NG shows a sizeable credit to me. WOW!!!

David Smith

We had an excellent experience with Cazeault Solar & Home. They are a fantastic company and was very responsive when it came to our questions. The solar has saved us a lot of money I just wish I had gotten solar sooner. I would recommend them to all our fiends & neighbors. Thank you Cazeault Solar & Home! - Joe

Giuseppe Scuderi

We have had our solar panels over 5 years. We bought them verses rent and between the tax credits and selling our power they have paid for themselves. Cazeault is a local company which was what I was looking for. The personalized service was impressive and the workmanship impeccable! Our electricity pays for itself. Well worth it!

June Davidson

Cazeault fixed up my orphaned solar system and it now works great, their service level is unmatched. Great Company. I have hired Cazeault to maintain my system and remain completely happy with their service, Joe C. is constantly monitoring my system and handles anything that needs to be addressed. Communication is key and Joe responds to email and phone messages same day. I appreciate this a give 5 STARS to Cazeault because of Joe.

Bryan D

I had Cazeault Solar come to the house and looked into adding solar panels. I was really impressed with the sales persons knowledge. I learned a ton about what is needed to get the most power for the money spent. There is a cool new panel, all black, they showed me that is really low profile, instead of sticking up off the roof like most of them do. My wife really liked that style.

Donald Ferris

We've been with Cazeault Solar & Home for 5 years now and they are very professional! Installation, Service and Monitoring are their specialty. I would recommend them to anyone looking for residential solar to get rid of your electric bill! WE LOVE IT!! - JOAO

Joao Lopes

Cazealut Solar and Home is a professional and reliable company. Honesty, timelines and courtesy are words that come to mind when describing our experience with them. We had our installation completed in 2015 and have been very satisfied with the results. We highly recommend this company.

Alison Monell

Turned on the solar March 31, 2017. About 45% paid off after one year! Have only had 1 small electric bill since then. They took care of everything and all I had to do was wait for the sun to come out. No fuss, no muss and everything was done quickly and professionally. One of the best things I ever invested in. I have since convinced a few friends of the benefits of solar and they too have gone with Cazeault.

Larry Ingersoll

I was skeptical at first, because salesmen always make promises they can't keep, but we followed Tim's exact system, we put all tax incentives, SRECs, and the difference between our old electricity cost minus the new electricity bills against the principle on our loan. We have paid the system off in 5 years and now we are getting SREC checks and much cheaper electricity! My last bill for the month of may was negative 28 dollars, and got our quarterly SREC check for $575! We use a heck of a lot of electricity. The cheapest months before we installed solar was 200 dollars a month, with the highest months at $450 a month. We have a hot tub, 2 dehumidifiers, 5 televisions with 3 entertainment centers, and a slew of other electicity gobbling appliances. The hot tub alone adds 100 dollars a month. Now we will have essentially free electricity for the next five years! I am now interested in getting a battery system, which Cazeault also will be offering soon, so we will have power when the electricity goes out without running a generator. These guys know their stuff and I highly recommend you let them come and explore your options for adopting your own solar system!

Bard Carvalho

Cazeault roofers did a perfect job--using first class materials and high-skilled workers who were fast, efficient, and thorough. Their clean up was a good and as professional as their roofing skill. Courteous Guatemalan craftsmen were the sub-contractors and they were the BEST.

Bruce Herman

From start to finish Cazeault was GREAT! They worked with us to take down a tree and made sure the projected was finished in a timely manner. Our neighbors did not even know we got solar!! It was a pleasure working with them and now we are saving money on electricity! SOLAR IS THE WAY TO GO AND CAZEAULT IS THE ONLY COMPANY TO GO WITH!

Marcy Plante

OK. You need to read this one. I have a geodeisic dome home that was built in 1985. I searched the internet high and low, invited numerous roofing contractors to quote on what I had been told to do to have a reliable roof, etc. They all either opted out, or disappointed me in one way or another. Then, like a answer to the problem of my sleepless nights, I heard about Cazeault Solar & Home through a friend. Their roofer came to visit, climbed up and looked at my totally unique roof with me, listened to what I'd been told by the west coast experts, and then offered several INSPIRED suggestions. End of story is that I have a new roof that looks unbelievable, and which has a very long guarantee. The unique solution that Cazeault came up with still astounds me each time I look at it.. Put your trust right here.... Bob F. Ipswich, MA

Robert Forbes

had 45 panels installed a couple years ago by Cazeault Solar & Home for my residence & business here in Essex,Ma. and i honestly feel i got the best bang for my buck! Have had no serious issues and the folks @ Cazeault have always been there for me to answer any questions for me

Anthony Ciarametaro

They installed my solar, great customer service, great workers. The quality of their work is perfect and the best part is....I have no electric bill....I strongly recommend anyone considering solar to call Cazeault Solar & Home!

Jeremiah Nicastro

My wife and I invested in Solar with Cazeault Solar and Home and have not paid for electric in our all electric home. It’s been fantastic they over delivered!

Joey C

Can’t say enough about the professionalism of both the roofing and solar installation teams. Very impressed with the company and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to them to anybody looking to add solar to their home.

Eric Cregan

We've had our panels for over a year and couldn't be happier. They are performing as advertised and the installation was spot on. Neat polite and efficient

Steve Brettler

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